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Lingua FrancKa

The Place for Reading, Writing, and Practicing Different Languages

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Language writing practice through short, random posts
Hello! Salut! Hallo! Ciao! Cześć! Hej! Hei! ^__^

Welcome to Lingua FrancKa, a site dedicated to practicing foreign languages through short, random posts written by learners and then corrected -- if there's a need for it -- by those more fluent in it. This can also be found under 'information' but: Anyways, this is pretty much meant as a free-for-all, intended for people who just want to practice writing something not in their mother tongue and getting feedback on it. No laughing, no embarrassment, just someplace casual to write short, little, entirely random texts. Well, that’s the theory at least, so as a rule, nothing derogatory or inappropriate is allowed here. Have nothing to write? Write about your day, your favourite things, a little bio about yourself, whatever you want!

I'm always looking for more people, either those who wish to post or those who wish to correct it, so I welcome everyone to come on by and give it a try. :)